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Ardyss Life
Ardyss Life

Ardyss International is a health and wellness company that specializes in reshaping garments, nutrition, and skin care products.

(Products incl: Reshaping garments, Bras, Nutrition and Skin care products.)


Watkins Naturals
Watkins Naturals

Watkins has been America’s pioneer in natural living since 1868. As America’s original natural apothecary manufacturer, Watkins uses only the finest natural ingredients in its diverse lines of personal care, home care, remedies and organic flavorings.

(Products incl: Seasonings, Spices, Bases, Beverages, Cleaning Products, Household supplies.)



A Healthier Life for Everyone and a Better Life for Anyone™

(Products incl: Supplements, shakes, beauty & skin care products.)



Young Living Essential Olils
Young Living Essential Oils

Committed to uniting ancient traditions and modern science to promote health and longevity. Through extensive research and commitment to quality, they are dedicated to growing, distilling, manufacturing, and marketing the highest-quality organic essential oils and oil-enhanced products in the world.

(Products incl: Essential Oils, Nutritional Supplements, Personal Care, Essential Extras, Diffusers, Accessories.)


Lifewave Care Patches
Lifewave Care Patches

LifeWave was founded on the principle of breakthrough personal-improvement technology that helps people all over the world to feel great and live well.

(Products incl: Wellness patches.)





In July, I went looking for some lingerie to compliment some displays

we were doing at some summer festivals.


Within a few weeks, this turned into another business-OOOH LA LA Fashionz.  I source discount fashions that I am able to offer for $9.99 or

less on most items.  I have lots of happy customers who are pleased to find stylish tops, dresses, lingerie and more at an affordable price.  I hope you will come to Jarvis to see what we have this Fall and Holiday Season.

My policy, as it is with bras and other products, is to offer quality items, that I would wear myself or be proud to say that they were purchased from me.

I will be doing some shows mostly in Southern Ontario.  Check out dates

and locations under Events and Clinics on this site.



These three things are the bane of most women's existence . The money that is spent on trying to find a comfortable well fitting  bra, shape wear  that doesn't roll, bind or take our breath away, and weight loss, as our weight  yo-yo's  from season to season,  could make our bank accounts bulge instead of our waistline and hips.    Good quality support, just like weight loss is not necessarily inexpensive.   However,  planning what works with your lifestyle and budget can help make your available resources go farther.  

 In my product mix on this site,  I have tried to give you options to suit every budget.  Whether you feel you need on going personal coaching or prefer to go it alone with quality products, from protein shakes to healthy coffee and quality spices, the choice is yours.  Over the next few weeks, as we indulge in the treats of the season, I will introduce products available here in more detail so that I, like you, can keep our resolution to lose the weight we need to and keep our bodies looking and feeling good.  Of course, the first thing to do before starting  your  weight loss is to have a complete physical exam-just to make sure  everything is Ok.  That way you will be sure that if there is a problem, it was not caused by your weight loss plan.

 Just as  our beauty and personal care and the foods we eat,  are part of our health regime, the right shape wear and bra will ensure that we continue to have correct posture as we  age.   Many times  I have seen ladies disappointed in their bodies after  a substantial weight loss.  For your weight loss to be permanent and for your face and breasts, and body  to remain relatively firm,  a good bra and proper body support is as much a part of  your weight loss plan as the food you eat. 

 Proper weight loss plans along with adequate support will go a long way to maintaining healthy longevity.  There is no point in having designer clothes in your closet if  you are too ill to go anywhere. 






Help Yourself To Better Health

 As we travel from one event to the next, I have time to think about how I can best explain the benefits of  good health and the importance of keeping good health for as much of our lives as possible.  Governments and private research groups are coming out with new studies almost every week telling us that we must start taking better care of ourselves if we want to live without illness.   Our health  care facilities are stretched to their limits and we are continually being warned that proper health care will be at a premium in the years to come.  The Canadian  Medical Association recently released a report stating that 80% of Canadians worry about our health care system and how much it will decline over the next few years.  What better reason is needed to begin putting our personal  health regime into  place?

Our  budgets are tight, with high unemployment and everything seems to be rising in cost from utilities to clothing and food.   However, if we are going to maintain our health it is imperitive that we begin changing our priorities.  What to do?   We all like the frills and the treats, but it may be necessary to give up or cut back on some things in order to have money for quality supplements or other products needed to keep us healthy.  Time is another factor.  It is so easy to pick up the quick takeout or frozen package after a hard day at work rather than go home and cook a more nutritious meal  from scratch.   However, with a little planning and maybe cooking in larger quantities on the weekend, you can make a casserole, stew or soup to help you get through the week. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve.   There are hundreds of recipes in cookbooks and on the internet.  Use your imagination.  You don’t necessarily have to follow a recipe to the letter.  Use what you have available.  Challenge yourself  to prepare tasty healthy meals and snacks for your family.   Your efforts will be rewarded with better health and wellbeing.

Perhaps you go to the spa for facials and massage, waxing etc.  Even if you cut the times you go and put that money into better, natural and pure products that you use daily on your face and body, the long term benefits will be well worth it.   

I have a saying-you can pay for wellness today or illness tomorrow.  With the products available on this site, I am trying to give everyone the option to purchase quality, pure products for everyday living that will help you maintain your health long term.  Over the years, I have researched so many products trying to find those with the best value and benefit.   It takes time and it can get very frustrating with information coming at us from all sides.  Each of us has to make our own decision on how we will protect our health.  I will do my best to answer any questions you may have either by phone,  email or in person depending on where you live..  

  If you have been considering supplementing  your income, whether to replenish your savings or you just need a few extra dollars each month or maybe you are considering a career change, we will be happy to discuss the options available to you withany of these healthy products.  Opportunities are available in every community or internationally.   We will  be happy to meet with you as we travel thru your area.